SG Espresso


Project Background

Stay Grounded Cafe is a specialty coffee and health food Cafe at Collaroy Beach. With plans to open a new coffee cart up on the hill of Collaroy headland, owners Ryan and KK wished to create a newly branded 'SG Espresso' to fit the new and premium beachy location.

My Role

Research, Strategy and Graphic Design.

01. Discover
02. Define
03. Develop
04. Deliver
05. Refine


Through discussions, research and visual references, I helped define key words that are a concise representation of SG Espresso's values and how they'd like to translate them into a brand identity.


Simple - Iconic - Modern - Friendly - Beachy - Clean - Easy - Fun


I experimented with different design directions, presenting 3 initial concepts based on the research, visual references and discussions.


The client chose concept three. I then developed the idea further through rounds of refinement and discussions, with the final brand identity as follows.

*Enamel and takeaway coffee cup mock ups located here